We believe organisations of the future need to operate as living systems that are interconnected, independent and capable of responding to constantly changing environments.

The role of the leader is to take their organisation on the journey and to inspire greatness.

Our role is to help them do so.


The transformation journey involves a handful of disruptive tipping points and numerous weak signals that times are changing. Designing such a journey requires careful sequencing of game-changing collective experiences to leave deep memories across the organisation. It also requires a multitude of lighter touch points, over time, to reinforce new patterns and behaviours.

A transformative journey is both collective and individual. Ideally the organisation evolves in tandem with its key stakeholders, and particularly with the leaders driving the transformation. By being slightly ahead of the curve and in sync with the “system” as it evolves, leaders can drive the transformation with confidence and respect. Our role is to design personal and collective journeys for organisations to transform, and to help leaders deal with complexity from vision to execution.