We believe that facilitation has now become a key leadership skill, one that is critical for effective problem-solving, higher employee engagement and just getting better outcomes when collaborating with others.

As experts in design and facilitation, we take our role to share our knowledge seriously. We have designed a best in class 2-day training in design and facilitation. In addition we can develop a bespoke curriculum on demand to support you wherever you are in your learning journey (total beginner, regular facilitator or expert practitioner).


Design and facilitation masterclass


Collaboration is a real competitive advantage. Unfortunately, most people are doing it wrong.

Collaboration doesn’t simply happen by putting a bunch of people in the same room and telling them to “figure it out”. Real collaboration is achieved through designing the way in which they come together, with intent and purpose.


  • Learn the mindset and skillset to design and deliver collaborative workshops.

  • Assemble the tools that best help design and facilitate with confidence.

  • Develop the insights around new models and methods that support effective workshop design.