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Philippe has developed a deep experience in transformation design and group genius facilitation across all industries and all continents.
Philippe engages with leaders and executives to co-design approaches for the deep transformation of complex systems. He helps create the conditions for emergence and guides large groups on their journey through complexity.

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With a wide and varied experience base, Charles designs the way individuals, organisations and industries come together to create innovative and sustainable outcomes to address complex issues. 
In an increasingly interconnected world, Charles helps his clients navigate complexity by designing and facilitating inclusive collaborative journeys.

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A reformed global Executive turned curious explorer, idealistic humanist, business transformation crusader, Fred helps Senior Executives understand profound shifts in society and business, manoeuvre the complexity of organisational transformation, and supports them with their boldest entrepreneurial moves.




Being an engineer by training and at heart, John is resourceful, creative and has a deep curiosity about how people and complex systems work and interact. He directs this energy to designing and facilitating collaboration which achieves valued outcomes for individuals and groups while developing their capacity to do this for themselves.  He firmly believes that the ability to design and facilitate collaboration is something that everyone can, and should, be able to do.


Steve Lees


A leader who has established a successful track record of delivering outstanding business outcomes over a sustained period of time, Steve is a strong believer that culture is king and execution is everything, that we need more collaboration and less hierarchy, that we need new patterns, new context and new mindsets, that to achieve extraordinary results we need to ignite the passion in people.