Philippe CoullombCEO and co-founder

Philippe has developed a deep experience in transformation design and group genius facilitation across all industries and all continents. He engages with leaders and executives to co-design approaches for the deep transformation of complex systems. He helps create the conditions for emergence of new ways of doing business and guides large groups on their journey through complexity.


Photo PeiLeng.jpg

Pei Leng Yap - Operations support

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Pei Leng smoothens our operations across Asia. She covers a broad spectrum including administration, finance, logistics and staffing. She brings much needed rigour and structure to a team that otherwise thrives on flexibility and agility.


Jarryd Daymond - Research associate

Jarryd is a Sydney-based PhD student and research assistant in Work and Organisational Studies at The University of Sydney Business School, and a Research Associate of wheretofromhere?. His research examines discourse, strategy practices in organisations and collaborative work across boundaries.

Jarryd is a podcaster with popular management podcast, Talking About Organizations, a weekly conversation about management and organisation studies. He has a passion for qualitative research methods including video ethnography. His Master of Research thesis from Macquarie University explored the design and delivery of cross-sector collaborations.


Valentin Bore - Designer and facilitator

Valentin is a designer based in Kuala-Lumpur. Trained as a graphic and web designer, he progressively evolved towards interaction design. For over 16 years, he has been designing processes, environments and experiences to make group-work more effective, enjoyable and inspiring.

After a couple of years building treehouses in Canada and tracking exotic monkeys in the Borneo jungle, he founded a venture in 2015 to design new tools that support large scale collaborative processes, in particular a digital solution for paperless workshops, and a cube-based solution to create modular collaborative environments from scratch.