Pure player in the design and facilitation of collaborative workshops, with high standards of operation and a range of services ranging from the simplest to the most complex interventions. Headquartered in Paris (France) and operating all over Europe.


Consulting firm specialized in cultural, managerial and organizational change. Our partnership revolves primarily around collaboration design, which sits at the heart of their DNA. Headquartered in Shenzhen (China) and operating primarily nationwide and in Hong Kong.



One of New Zealand's biggest community of innovation practitioners, Creative HQ works with start-ups, corporates, government agencies and academia to help them innovate. They assemble different modules of work - hackathons, design sprints, boot camps, customer labs, crowdsourcing competition, innovation audit, etc. – into bespoke innovation projects in response to specific business needs. Operating from New Zealand across Asia Pacific.


Global leadership innovation company that developed an integrated innovation methodology: the Six ‘I’s® of Innovation. The model focuses on a human-centred approach to innovation, blending design thinking tools and a unique, proprietary innovation strengths profiling tool. Headquartered in Singapore and operating globally.



Consulting firm specialised in systemic transformation and providing the necessary scaffolding to support groups as they map their unique journey from initial objectives to actionable outcomes. Headquartered in Victoria (Canada) and operating primarily in North America.


Consulting firm specialised in digital transformation. Their digital augmentation team creates a unique value on large scale projects. Headquartered in Paris (France) and operating primarily in Europe.