At wheretofromhere? we believe that a bifurcation has happened in the business world that will ultimately impact all organisations. If they want to thrive, or even just survive in the upcoming future, even the most successful companies today will have to transform rapidly to a new state where they will not only allow but fully encourage the creativity and innovation freedom of all their employees.  

We believe that social good is as important as maximising shareholder value, and we are not the only ones. Customers are starting to more systematically reward companies that take a holistic view of their stakeholders, their ecosystem, and act for social good. In our opinion this trend will only accelerate.

We believe that interests of employees, companies and the society as a whole can be mutually reinforcing but that many companies will need help along that transition.

And that’s where our professional skillset and our values meet, when we are able to help senior executives successfully lead the bold transition that their company so desperately needs.


Our Mission

wheretofromhere? is a boutique consulting firm advising Senior Executives in Asia-Pacific.

We design personal and collective journeys for organisations to innovate and transform.

We help leaders be true to their boldest ambitions and deal with complexity and uncertainty from vision to execution.