wheretofromhere? is a boutique consulting firm founded in 2013 in Hong Kong by former management consultants and collaboration designers. We are now headquartered in Sydney (Australia) and operate globally through a network of carefully curated partners in Europe and North America.

Doing business in a volatile world is challenging and we help leaders and organisations navigate complexity and create value by thinking differently, speeding up decisions and developing new ways to work with others.

In a complex world, dependencies are critical. It’s why we take a holistic approach to every issue. What problem are we solving? Who should be involved? Where should we get inspiration from? We bring together people in a way that enables them to explore every dimension, have the conversations they need to have, before developing and owning the solution.

Our expertise lies in designing pathways and orchestrating the collaboration between all the stakeholders along the journey. Sometimes it’s a facilitated conversation among the senior management team. Other times it's an open innovation project or a hackathon. A highly complex issue might require a more systemic approach with a deeper and more sustainable outcome.

No matter what the journey is made of, we never lose sight of the expected outcome and business value.



We are part of a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem. We deliberately nurture new connections in all fields of life – government, business, art and academia to ensure our community encompasses the widest possible range of skills, knowhow and experience.

For each engagement, we assemble a diverse team of professionals to bring a unique perspective to the problem we are trying to solve and create the conditions for new models and solutions to emerge.


We have deep mastery of the MG Taylor methodology, one of the world’s leading approaches in the design and delivery of collaborative transformation. We also leverage a number of system and design thinking approaches, supported by a body of knowledge enriched over decades through research and applied global experience.

Our practice is underpinned by extensive experience in management consulting, leadership development, experience design and community building.